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The Story of Chef’s Choice – Birth of a Local Brand

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Chef’s Choice - a brand of hand-made meat balls and seafood balls, with 100% production and process in Canada, we emphasize the use of high-quality and natural ingredients without adding any artificial colors, you can rest assured the quality and the taste of the products.

The following Chef’s Choice products are newly launched –

Beef Tendon Balls: 100% made of the beef bottom round and sirloin tip, hand-made with strictly selected ingredients.

Pork Balls with Mushroom: Made of superior, hearty and less oily pork hind shank with no added preservatives. Refreshing, springy and full of fragrance.

Shrimp Balls: Purely made of the first-class white shrimp, rich in protein and low fat, a healthy choice with fresh and springy texture.

Cuttlefish Balls: Made of the whole cuttlefish which originates from India, contains the granular cuttlefish meat which enhance the bouncy and chewy texture.

More Chef’s Choice products will be launched, let’s follow our website and blogs!

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