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Smart Choice Seafood

SEAFOOD. Smart Choice Seafood carries the imported premium seafood products from all over the world - Canada, US, New Zealand, South American, Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, etc. – which are carefully selected to accommodate the local food service requirements. All products are well taken care of proper cleaning process and immediately proceed to vacuum pack from fresh, to ensure the quality and hygiene.

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FRESH PRODUCES & FRUITS. We are one of the largest importers and distributors of fresh produce and fruits in Canada. Our Veggie label represents high-quality, freshness, and variety, all fresh produces and fruits are carefully selected and imported from local B.C. farms, Mexican farms, as well as Asian countries to adapt to the diversifying market.

Deltason Food logo-01.jpg

Deltason Foods

FOOD INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS. Deltason Foods offers you a wide range of pre-prepared food items include pre-cut veggie, top restaurant-quality dim sum, dessert, bakery, ready to use sauce, etc. We aim to provide as much backstage supports to our foodservice clients as possible, which allows you to be benefited from time-saving, space-saving, and manpower-saving, and be more concentrated on business development.

Vegway logo-01.jpg


SOYA PRODUCTS. Vegway represents healthy and delicious. It is dedicated to producing a wide range of high-quality soya products, which are made with 100% Canadian soybeans and other strictly selected ingredients.


The brand also introduces healthcare Chinese soup ingredients (such as dried pak choy) to accommodate the diversifying markets.

OceanRia logo-01.jpg


FISH BALLS. OceanRia is a Malaysian manufacturer and exporter of high-quality frozen fish ball series, and we are proud to be the sole distributor across Canada and bring the joy of the sea to you in our OceanRia series. The products are the ideal ingredients for hotpot and noodle soup, you can be sure that every piece is made to pamper your taste buds with a tantalizing and tender texture.

CP logo-01.jpg


READY-TO-EAT. CP is a worldwide well-known brand for chilled and frozen ready-to-eat foods, which are exported to approximately 40 countries and we proudly bring it into Canada, with the hope to offer a series of delicious and nutrition ready meals which ease and enrich your dining plan.

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