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Deep Fried Baby Yellow Croaker Fillet with Five Spice Powder

(4 Servings)



• Smart Choice野生去骨小黃花魚450克
• 料理酒2茶匙
• 五香粉2茶匙
• 鹽1/2 茶匙
• 糖1茶匙
• 麵粉100克
• 泡打粉3克
• 冰水2杯
• 油適量炸魚用


• 450g of Smart Choice Baby Yellow Croaker Fillet
• 2 teaspoons rice wine
• 2 teaspoons five spice powder
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• 100g all purpose flour
• 3g baking powder
• 2 cups of ice water
• Cooking oil for frying


1. 將小黃花魚解凍,清洗乾淨抹乾水;
2. 小黃花魚放入鹽、糖、料酒、五香粉撈勻,放冰箱醃兩小時
3. 製作炸漿:麵粉加入冰水慢慢攪拌成沒有粉粒的麵糊,再加入泡打粉入麵糊內攪勻;
4. 將醃製好的魚浸泡在麵糊裡約十分鐘左右;
5. 在鑊內放入至少1/8寸油,燒熱;
6. 中大火將魚兩面炸至金黃色(每邊煎約3分鐘),如有需可額外加油;
7. 將魚從鑊內取出放吸油紙上,趁熱享用。


1. Defrost the yellow croaker from frozen, wash, drain and dried with towel.
2. Mix well the fish with salt, sugar, five spice powder and rice wine, put in refrigerator and marinate for 2 hours.
3. Mix flour and ice water in a large bowl, ensure the flour is completely dissolved. Add baking powder into the flour and water batter and mix well.
4. Put the fish in the batter for around 10 minutes, ensure the fish are coated with the batter.
5. In a pan, add at least 1/8-inch of cooking oil and heat.
6. Pan-fry fish over medium-high heat until both sides are nicely browned (round 3 minutes per side). Add extra oil if necessary.
7. Remove from pan immediately and drain on paper towel. Serve it hot.

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