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Pan-Fry Basa Steaks with Soy Sauce

(4 Servings)



• Smart Choice巴沙魚扒680克
• 粗鹽2湯匙
• 青蔥2條,切小段
• 芫茜2條,切碎
• 粟粉1茶匙
• 薑10克,切粗絲
• 乾蔥頭3個,切薄片
• 食用油30克
• 水50克
• 生抽30克
• 白糖3克


• 680 g Smart Choice Basa Fish Steaks
• 2 tablespoons coarse salt
• 2 stalks green onion, striped
• 2 stalks Chinese parsley
• 1 teaspoon corn starch
For sauce:
• 10 g ginger, shredded
• 3 shallots, thinly sliced
• 30 g cooking oil
• 50 g water
• 30 g soy sauce
• 3 g sugar


1. 將巴沙魚扒解凍,清洗乾淨及完全抹乾水;用粗鹽醃10分鐘後用水把表面的鹽份輕輕沖洗掉,用廚房紙充份抹乾水;
2. 魚扒上灑上粟粉,輕輕包裹所有魚塊;
3. 大火燒熱油鑊,下油,把魚扒煎至兩片金黃及熟透,取起放碟中;放上青蔥段及芫茜在魚面;
4. 煮醬汁:中火燒熱不黏底鍋,放入油;放入薑絲及乾蔥片炒香及帶點金黃色,加入50克水煮滾,然後放入30克生抽稍煮,最後放入白糖調味,取走薑蔥,將豉油汁均勻澆在魚上即成。


1. Clean and pat dry the basa fish stacks with a kitchen towel. Season them with coarse salt, marinate for 10 minutes, then wash out the salt and pat the fish dry again.
2. Sprinkle some corn starch on the fish, ensure every piece is covered by starch.
3. Heat the pan over high heat, add oil and pan-fry both sides of the fish, until they turn golden brown and cook through, put them on a plate and place the green onion and parsley on the top.
4. Making the sauce: Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat, add oil. Add the ginger and shallot, keep stir-frying until the aroma released, then add 50 g water, bring it to boil, add 30 g soy sauce and sugar to taste. Take out the ginger and shallot, pour the sauce evenly on the fish. Server in hot.

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