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Pan-Fry Cutlassfish

(4 Servings)



• Smart Choice牙帶魚段500 克
• 薑4片
• 蔥段少許
• 生粉2湯匙
• 鹽1茶匙
• 胡椒粉少許
• 紹興酒1茶匙
• 油適量(煎魚用)


• 500g Smart Choice Cutlassfish chunks
• 4 slices of ginger
• Chunked green onion
• 2 tablespoons corn starch
• 1 teaspoon salt
• A little bit of pepper powder
• 1 teaspoon Shaoxin cooking wine
• 1 teaspoon cooking oil
• Cooking oil (additional for pan-fry)


1. 將牙帶魚段解凍,除去內臟,清洗乾淨抹乾水;
2. 魚段放在一大碗內,加入鹽、胡椒粉、紹興酒及油調勻,醃約30分鐘;
3. 加入生粉,使魚段的每一面都完全被覆蓋,然後輕輕搖走多餘生粉;
4. 燒熱鍋放入約1/2寸油,放入魚段,用中小火煎約4分鐘;
5. 反轉煎另一面約4分鐘;此時加入薑片在油中,此舉可辟除魚鯹味;轉小火繼續煎至魚段所有面轉金黃色;
6. 加入蔥段在油中煎至釋出香氣;
7. 把魚取出放在吸油紙上吸掉多餘油份;趁熱享用。


1. Defrost the cutlassfish chunks, remove the guts and entrails (if any), wash, drain and dried with towel.
2. Marinate with salt, pepper powder, cooking wine and cooking wine for 30 minutes.
3. Add the corn starch to wrap each fish chunk, shake off the excess starch.
4. Heat the frying pan and add ¼ inch oil. Add the fish chunks to fry on one side over medium low heat, for around 4 minutes.
5. Turn the fish chunks to another side, fry for another 4 minutes. Add the sliced gingers in the oil now which help to remove the fishy smell, keep frying over low heat until all sides turn golden brown color.
6. Add the chunked green onion in the oil and fry until the aroma released.
7. Remove the fish from heat and put on a kitchen towel to absorb excess oil. Serve hot.

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