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Pan-Fry Fish Bean Curd Roll

(4 Servings)


• Vegway腐竹魚卷 10條
• 油適量


1. 直接從冰櫃取出Vegway腐竹魚卷;
2. 燒熱鑊下油3湯匙,以木筷子測試油溫,有小氣泡冒起表示油溫適合;
3. 放入魚卷,用中小火煎至一面金黃色(約4分鐘),返轉另一面再煎4分鐘至兩面金黃及完全熟透;
4. 把煎好的魚卷放廚房紙上吸去多油份;
5. 配以沙律醬,或作為湯粉麵佐料,同樣美味。



• 10 pieces Vegway Fish Bean Curd Rolls
• Cooking oil


1. Take out the Vegway Fish Bean Curd Rolls directly from freezer.
2. Add 3 tablespoons vegetable oil to a heated frying pan, use the wooden chopsticks to test the oil temperature until you see the tiny bubbles.
3. Put in the fish rolls and pan-fry over medium-low heat until golden brown colour (around 4 minutes). Turn the rolls over, keep pan-frying for another 4 minutes, until both sides are golden brown and cooked through.
4. Put the rolls on the kitchen towel to absorb excess oil.
5. Great to serve with dipping sauce like mayonnaise, or with noodles soup.

Other suggestion:
Hot-pot: Put the fish bean curd in hot-pot from frozen, boil for 3 minutes to become a savoury hot-pot ingredient.

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